19 February 2009

Tied semifinals in cricket competition

There was rather remarkable ending to the semifinals of domestic 20/20 cricket competition. The KZN Dolphins were playing the Western Cape Cobras, and the semifinals were the best of three. I had gone to bed, and Val was watching -- I don't regard the 20/20 as proper cricket.

The Dolphins were faring rather badly, and Val yelled when someone scored a six off the final ball to tie the scores at 148. The semifinal was three matches, and each team had won one and lost one, and now they had tied the third. And the same thing happened with the other semifinal, where the Warriors and the Eagles were tied on 97, and so each semifinal had to be decided on a power over with one bowler and three batsmen, a bit like a penalty shootout in football, but the chances of a tie in the best of three cricket matches are considerably more remote than in football. Sad to say, the Dolphins lost.

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