03 February 2009

Murderers in uniform

South Africa now has its own Jean Charles de Menezes. Seventeen-year-old Sedi Khoza was shot dead by police who were looking for someone else.

Sowetan - News:
No excuse can possibly justify how a phalanx of South African Police Service officers stormed a classroom in Mpumalanga and shot dead an innocent pupil in front of his classmates.

The cops say they were seeking two classmates who were reported to possess a gun. But they found nothing.

And nothing can excuse the activities of the heavily-armed squad that raided the school, burst in on the class and then shot at pupils fleeing in terror.

Clearly at no time did the petrified kids pose the slightest danger to the officers, who fired at the school-children’s backs as they fled.

London's Metropolitan Police tried to cover up and evade responsibility for the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes on an underground train. Let's hope the South African police do not engage in a similar cover-up about the shooting of Sedi Khoza, and that there is a full and impartial investigation.

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Yewtree said...

That's terrible.


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