25 January 2006

Vomit and other interesting things

I spent some time surfing other blogs today, just to see the kind of things people write about.

One noted that it was her blogiversary, and she had reviewed her blog for the year since she started it, and found she had posted eight times about vomit.

I had a look at my diaries for the last 40 years or so, and found three references to vomit.

23 Feb 1965 - went to Johannesburg station to catch a train back to university and had supper with my mother in a lousy vomit-yellow restaurant.

11 Jun 1967 - playing croquet on the lawn at St Chad's College, Durham, reading Justine by Lawrence Durrell, and noted that a friend had called it "gnostic vomit".

19 May 1971 - this deserves a quote, since it is a literal reference to vomit. It was in Windhoek, Namibia. "I went to see Lisa Schmidt who was sick and gave detailed descriptions of the times she had got up last night to vomit, and what she had vomited, right up to the last time she had vomited, which was 10 minutes ago. She didn't seem too miserable."

I don't seem to have had occasion to refer to vomit since then, so 8 times in a single year seems quite remarkable.

I also saw that several people wondered if they were wasting their life just blogging. Well, I could see how one could waste one's life reading other people's blogs, especially when they are writing about interesting stuff like vomit.

If anyone reads this blog because they did a search through blog search engines for references to vomit, I hope you'll let me know. Otherwise it might lie in decent obscurity for the next 35 years like my last reference to vomit.

11 January 2006

The Anti-Manicheist

I'm not sure what all this is about yet, Christianity, politics and economics, it looks like.

The Anti-Manicheist

Anyway, I've blogged it so I can find out more about Sod's brood and find it when I want to look for it again.

08 January 2006

The Anti-Manicheist: Historical Paradigms of Missiology.

I'm always interested in responses to David Bosch's book Transforming mission. One of the sad things about his untimely death was that it was just after the books was published, and suddenly one could no longer discuss the many questions raised in the book with him personally.

But at least it is possible to discuss it with other readers of his books, like The Anti-Manicheist: Historical Paradigms of Missiology.

A Blog for the Emerging Church

A couple of days ago I did a search on "interests" of bloggers, to see who was interested in missiology, and I found that a lot of those who listed "missiology" as an interest also listed "emerging church".

I wondered whether this was some new missiological buzz word, as "contextual" was in the 1970s, and "holistic" was in the 1990s, but thought no more of it until I started to see it all over the place.

I then thought that perhaps it was not just a buzz word, but some kind of specific movement, like "radical orthodoxy" or "the Toronto blessing", "the gospel and our culture" with its own gurus and schools of thought. A new theological bandwagon, in other words.

So I did a search on "emerging church" and found this blog.

A Blog for the Emerging Church

Reading the first couple of entries left me not much the wiser, so I'm still left wondering why so many people are referring to the "emerging church".

St Tikhon's Monastery

St Tikhon's Monastery in South Canaan, Pennsylvania, USA, has a new web site.

If one is interested in monasteries and monasticism it's worth a look.

07 January 2006

LibDem leader resigns

I saw on TV that Charles Kennedy, the leader of the British Liberal Democratic Party, has resigned.

I was rather sad about that, as under his leadership they did better in the last two elections than they had at any time in the last 80 years. And Charles Kennedy was notable for his principled opposition to the unneccssary and foolish war against Iraq, and also to such abuses of human rights as 90-day detention in Britain itself.

The news reports are saying he had a drink problem, and that there is some division in the LibDems about whether they should be social or economic liberals. I hope the leave the latter to the Tories, and that they can get their act together.

We were visiting Britain during the last general election there, and in fact were in Cornwall on the day itself, and Cornwall is a Tory and Labour-free zone.

05 January 2006

vindicated - the amazing blog of kyle potter

I was looking for other bloggers who are interested in missiology, and came across vindicated - the amazing blog of kyle potter

He was discussing the habit some people seem to have of unthinkingly tossing around words like "liberal", as a label, without really being too clear about what they mean by it. There are some words that can mean so many different things that they are said to be "skunked" -- you can never use them in conversation or in writing without having to explain what you mean by them, because they can mean something completely different to someone else.

Having said that, let me make it clear that I am a pinko liberal and proud of it!

Life in Cyprus: Dressing for the cold

Among my longest-standing net friends are Sue and Richard, now living in Cyprus.

Life in Cyprus: Dressing for the cold

I've been corresponding with them for many years, though we've never met face to face. For the last few years at least we have been corresponding through the Worldchat discussion forum, which began as a conference on a BBS network, but has recently moved to Yahoo Groups.


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