11 February 2009

What's up with Amatomu?

The Amatomo lists of popular blogs seem to have got really screwed up.

Consider this:

Fastest climbing blogs (overall)
Memoirs of a Self-Confessed Slut (+1453)
by memoirs-of-a-self-confessed-slut
The Spear Does Arabia (+1401)
by The Spear
Entropy (+1401)
by docmoo
Contact Online (+1370)
by David MacGregor
Travis Noakes (+1250)
by Travis

Contact Online has always been somewhere in the top 20 blogs in the religion section, until about a week ago, when it dropped right out of sight, and far from jumping up 1370 places, this evening it hit rock bottom:

65Muslim Revolution
Proudly Muslim Blogger
| by Forwarders
A space to share and shape ideas and theology about what the next church should look like. A South African contribution to the emerging church conversation.
| by Andries Louw
67 Contact Online
An Anglican News and Commentary site from South Africa
| by David MacGregor

And the nextchurch one surely doesn't belong down there either.

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