09 February 2009

Telkom internet weirdness

Lost my Telkom internet connection yesterday morning.

When we got back from church Val wanted to get into cricinfo to find out what had happened in the Oz-NZ match, and it was still down, so I reported it to Telkom.

And after explaining the problem the Telkom support guy said that he couldn't help me and that I must take it up with "the person in charge of your network".

Since I am the person in charge of my network, that's not exactly much use.

And the last time that happened -- when the Telkom technical support people said the problem was on our side, and that the ADSL router must be faulty, I took his advice at face value, went to Telkom in Hatfield and bought a new router. Brought it home, and found it had exactly the same problem as the existing one. So I took it back to Telkom (along with the original packaging) and demanded, and got a refund. So their technical support guy had wasted their time and money as well as mine.

So this time I didn't accept his advice at face value, but Val went into their web site when she got to work, and reported the problem again. This time Telkom did not get back to us, but in a couple of hours the problem was fixed.

Methinks that Telkom need an upgrade to their technical support.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hmmm. As a general rule I've found that Telkom's technical boys are fine, both from the nuts and bolts side and from the customer relations aspect. But the official public interface is sadly lacking in competence. In fact, I was so upset at the treatment I got the last time I went into a Telkom office (more than 5 years ago) that I have not crossed their threshold since.


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