25 February 2009

Crushed by Blogger!

Crushed by Ingsoc is one of the blogs I like to read, but for the last couple of weeks has been inaccessible, and every time I go there I see:

This blog is under review due to possible Blogger Terms of Service violations and is open to authors only


Apparently the problem was caused by a bot, and all that is needed is for some human to take notice and fix the problem, but there seems to be a shortage of humans at Google who can do this.

But you can still see the blog's community page on MyBlogLog, and you can go to Crushed's page on MyBlogLog and leave a message of support.

It's been quite long enough now -- perhaps it's time to make the move to Wordpress.


Crushed said...

Sorry not to update you- I have finally opned a back up blog or two, which I started regular posting from this weekend...


There is also a complete replica copy of the original blog at http://crushedwithkisses.blogspot.com. I just haven't got round to updating all the feeds, mybloglog, etc. Or even updating readers, because I've not had much chsnce until now to go blog visiting again.

But we're back :)

Steve Hayes said...

Congratulations, and I'm glad to see you're back.

When I saw what had happened to your blog, I copied this one over to Wordpress, just in case. It's not publicly accessible or updated there, but one never knows.

Yewtree said...

The message now says it's in violation of the the terms of service

Steve Hayes said...


The message seems to be unchanged, but the blog has now moved to Wordpress.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he shouldn't have been "synchro-blogging" , to try and control the minds of other bloggers, without their prior knowledge of it.

He's not back yet.


That's Crushed's marketing. He was permanently shut down after a full investigation of his blog-not due to some bot excuse. The 'may be in violation of terms' was updated to 'is in violation of terms' by Blogger.
He is using his blog to bully people and preach propaganda. Lunatic.

Steve Hayes said...


Permanently shut down?

Hardly, because his blog is back on Blogger as well as being morrored on Wordpress.

How is he "bullying" people?

He expresses his views on his blog, as all of us do. If that's "preaching propaganda" so be it -- is expressing one's views violation of Blogger terms of service?

I don't necessarily agree with all his views, but he surely has a right to express them.


Old post I came across.

Crushed uses malicious script hidden on his blog. FACT.
Crushed also uses his blog to bully people by inventing heinous lies about them to humiliate them off sphere.He has also been known to threaten violence,hack,pass around unauthorized photos of bloggers and to call other's places of employment to intimidate anyone who has issues with his strong armed tactics on the sphere.
It has nothing to do with his philosophies, which everyone is entitled to.
He is not on Blogger per se- he opened up a new blog to come in under the radar.


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