24 October 2007

October Synchroblog - Christian responses to Halloween

The October Synchroblog is on Christian responses to Halloween. As usual, you will find a variety of views expressed by 24 bloggers from various places around the world. Here are links to the posts (revised 28 October, with links to actual posts):

Follow-ups and spin-offs

While not actually part of the October Synchroblogs, the following are posts that either linked to it, or followed up on the general theme. Notes and comments by Steve Hayes.


Yewtree said...

Hi Steve

A plea to you and your fellow synchrobloggers (can you pass this on?) I would have linked to this synchroblog topic from MetaPagan as well, as some of it is about Samhain, but you and your fellow synchrobloggers always link to each other's blogs instead of the actual blogpost on the topic. This means that as you add more posts, the specific post about the topic will disappear. When I posted about last month's synchroblog on MetaPagan, I had to go through all the entries and add the correct links, which was somewhat time-consuming (so my heart quailed at the prospect of fixing it again this time, since there are so many more posts this month). So can you all link to the individual posts and not the blogs? Thanks.

Steve Hayes said...


Yes, I'll try to pass it on, but I'm not sure what the solution is.

Mine had a link to the post, but that was because I posted early, and knew what it was.

Most put the links in with the post, so at the time they post it don't know what the URL of the actual post will be.


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