14 October 2007

Square No More: Next Synchroblog - Wednesday, October 24th

The next synchroblog will be on Wednesday 24 October, and will be on the theme of Christian responses to Hallowe'en. If anyone would like to participate, you should let Phil Wyman know a couple of says before, here: Square No More: Next Synchroblog - Wednesday, October 24th. He will then send you a list of links to other synchrobloggers that you can put at the end of your post. You need to send him the title of your post and the URL of your blog.

The aim of a synchroblog is for a number of people to blog on the same general topic on the same day, so that one can look at the topic from a variety of points of view.

This time round, I will probably be posting my contribution on my other blog Khanya, and will also be posting it earlier than the deadline date, in case Telkom has cut us off from the web, as usually happens at the end of the month.

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Kandar Ag. said...

Dear Steve Hayes,
First of all I would like to thank you for visiting my cultural blog at http://bornjavanese.blogspot.com.
Actually I'm Christian also, Roman Catholic one. As I don't know yet how to comment generally to your blog, then I post it here. Hopefully you don't mind this. Of course you could delete it whenever you want to.
Thanks for the links you've posted at another blog of yours. That's very helpful to learn with you about Christianity etc. Deo gratias for your doing.

Best regards, and God bless!
Kandar Ag.


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