31 October 2007

Britain's slide to a fascist police state continues

Any hopes that the replacement of Tony Blair by Gordon Brown might arrest Britain's slide towards a fascist police state have been dashed. Brown's recent defence of "Control Orders" sounded just like Vorster's defence of banning orders against government opponents in apartheid South Africa. And the British Control Orders are virtually indistinguishable from South African banning orders, and in some ways even more restrictive.
clipped from news.bbc.co.uk

What are control orders?

The orders were introduced under 2005 anti-terrorism legislation to give ministers the power to put individuals suspected of involvement in terrorism under close supervision that some say amounts to a loose form of house arrest.

gives the home secretary the power to impose strict conditions on a subject's activities.

This can include a ban on using the internet or mobile phones. The subject can be told to observe a curfew or other restrictions on their movements and travel.

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