04 October 2007

I can't face Facebook any more!

It's worse than being a student and having three assignments due by tomorrow.

I get back from the Telkom bandwidth cap and what do I have waiting for me:

1 friend detail request
4 group invitations
3 sticky note requests
5 cause invitations
4 cause invitations
1 iread invitation
9 superpoke! friend requests
1 you're hot request
1 mood invitation
1 friend quiz request
1 are you interested? invitation
2 movie compatibility requests
2 booze mail requests
13 bumper sticker invitations
1 super wall post request
1 wall post request
1 zombies invitation
2 vibrating hamster requests
1 hotlists invitation
2 my garden invitations
1 (fluff)friends invitation
1 you're hot request
1 travelmap invitation
3 hot potato requests
1 hot potato request
1 my aquarium request
1 hatching gift invitation
4 top friends friend requests
2 wave to friend requests
1 sing badly friend request
1 annoy friend request
1 sing badly to friend request
1 tickle friend request
1 freebee invitation
1 chess request
2 im invitations
1 growing gift invitation
1 puzzlebee request
1 my solar system invitation

What? No partridge in a pear tree?

How can I begin to meet all those obligations.?

I think I'll engage in some displacement activity, to put off having to face it -- filling in my Income Tax return or something.


Rock in the Grass (Pete Grassow) said...

Hey Steve - perhaps you can just see this as cyberspace wanting to embrace you? Feel the little rays of light emanating from your screen......and be warm

Magotty Man said...

Well, I've stopped adding applications that can complicate things - Facebook, as well as blogging are primarily forums for connecting to friends, and exchanging ideas etc. - things I would not need to do if I saw those people everyday. But since great people like yo haven't moved to Saskatoon yet, I'm stuck with the lectronic media...(!)

Kay said...

Just click "Ignore" on all those requests. The person asking does NOT get a notification that you ignored it. You could also do what I did: clean out your friends list of those that you don't ever really interact with. Many of those requests are somewhat automated and would probably go down if your friends list was thinner.

Unknown said...

Steve. why bother. I am sticking to being a staid old blogger.

Blessings and bliss

seth said...

i'm SOOOOO adding you as a facebook friend!!

existentialist said...

Just ignore everything you are not interested in. And remove those people who annoy you. Its simple.


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