23 October 2007

You are the 999999th 999999th visitor

Just about every time I go to the Technorati site nowadays I see an all-flashing, all-squiggling, all-jiggling message saying "You are the 999999th visitor" or "This is not a joke -- you are the 10000th visitor".

These ads also appear on several other web sites.

The most annoying thing about them is not just that they jiggle and squiggle, though that is bad enough, and makes me want to leave the page as quickly as possible.

It is not just the obvious untruth. Well, "This is not a joke" is actually true, because it is indeed very unfunny.

But it is the gratuitous insult to the intelligence of readers of the page.

Do Technorati or Photobucket (to name just two) really think that we are so stupid that we will not notice that if we were the 10000th visitor last time, then we must be the 10001st visitor next time, even if there were no other visitors to the site in between? How many 999999th visitors can they have? And how can one be the 10000th 999999th visitor? I'm sure I must be the 999999th 999999th visitor.

If they value visitors to their sites, why do they allow them to be insulted in this way every time they visit?

I realise that they need to have ads to make money, but do they really need to have ads that insult and annoy their visitors like this?


Anonymous said...

Browse the web in Firefox, and your ad woes will go away. Firefox will block all popup ads by default, and you can add on an extension called "AdBlock" that will eliminate EVERY advertising banner once you set it up properly. It takes very little time to do, and I haven't seen an ad on the internet in YEARS!

As an added bonus, it will reduce your bandwith usage because all these unwanted images and flash files won't automatically load.

Wonderworking Words said...

P.S. It's a FREE program, and I didn't mean to post anonymously.

Fr. Andrew said...

With the AdBlock and NoScript extensions, my web browsing has been transformed.

Steve Hayes said...

I've been using Firefox for a long time. These are not popup ads.

Wonderworking Words said...

Yes, but do you have the AdBlock Plus extension enabled? With it, you can block all banner ads, too. Like I said, I haven't seen an ad on the internet in YEARS.

Here are the links to get AdBlock and NoScript.



Anonymous said...

I guess, Steve was saying, that those are not pop adds and since he is using Firefox. He knows about AdBlock and No Script.

Anonymous said...

Theyre just desparate


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