10 March 2008

Facebook works!

A couple of weeks ago I got exasperated when those silly jiggling advertisements saying "You are the 999 999 visitor. This is no joke" invaded Facebook as well.

Some months ago I blogged about it here: Notes from underground: You are the 999999th 999999th visitor, but that had little effect

I'd seen them on Technorati, on Photobucket, and on several other places in the web. But seeing them on Facebook was too much.

I started a Facebook group called You are the 999999th 999999th visitor -- this is not a joke!, which gathered 5 members. It pointed out that such ads were an insult to the intelligence of anyone who read them. The moment you saw any of them twice, you'd have to be very stupid indeed not to realise that it was untrue, and if it wasn't a joke it was a very stupid lie.

Guess what -- within two days, the ads had stopped.

Well, they'd stopped saying "You are the 999999th visitor" or "Your are the 10000th visitor". They used other more plausible numbers.

I still don't click on them, though, because I still find it annoying that they jiggle.

But I'm impressed by the power of public opinion -- all five of us. You know who you are. See, Barack Obama is right - Yes we can!

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jaysen said...

or you could just turn off ads using firefox with adblock - works reasonably well ;)


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