06 March 2008

Obama versus Clinton

Hat-tip to Thormonger, over on LiveJournal, for this one -- you might need to go and look at it there to see it properly.


Sam Charles Norton said...

Are you familiar with where the text comes from??

Steve Hayes said...


No, I'm not familiar with it, but if you follow the link you will see the full text, (the graphic doesn't seem to work here) and also where it came from.

Sam Charles Norton said...

Sorry, I was unclear. I'm extremely familiar with where the text comes from - Neil Gaiman's Sandman sequence of graphic novels, which might be the one thing I'd want to have on a desert island... I just find it fascinating how mainstream culture is picking up bits and pieces of his work. It's very rich in that respect.

Nathan said...

I can't follow the link. It appears the site is password protected, or at least limited to a selection of live journal users.


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