04 March 2008

The Moon By Night: Serendipity

Now this book looks interesting: The Moon By Night: Serendipity
I just started reading a fascinating new book called Planet Narnia. The author, Michael Ward, argues that the main organizing principle behind C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia is in fact the seven medieval planets--the 'seven heavens' of medieval cosmology.

And it seems that Dr Michael Ward has a web site here.

There are more blog comments on the book here: Between Two Worlds: Planet Narnia?

and here C. S. Lewis Blog: Narnia and the Seven Heavens
C.S. Lewis secretly based the Chronicles of Narnia on the seven heavens. The imagery associated with each planet provided him with his symbolic raw materials. The planetary symbols govern the shape of each story, countless points of ornamental detail and, most importantly, the portrayal of the central character, Aslan.

Here is a brief summary of how the Chronicles relate to the planets

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – Jupiter
Jupiter was the best planet and Lewis’s favourite. Jupiter was the planet of kingship, and this story is a clash between the children’s destiny as kings and queens of Narnia, under the ‘King of the Wood’, Aslan, and Edmund’s mistaken attempt to become king under the evil White Witch. Jupiter brought about 'winter passed and guilt forgiven', according to Lewis’s poem, ‘The Planets’, and in this first Narnia Chronicle the White Witch’s winter passes and Edmund’s guilt is forgiven.
I wonder how that ties up with Lewis's descriptions of the planets in That hideous strength.


Anonymous said...

C.S. Lewis was an amazing man. I just did a post of his quotes and it is incredible how relevant he still is.

Anonymous said...

This is very interesting. I am reading the Narnia Chronicals for the first time at the moment. WIll stimulate my thinking more.

Yewtree said...

Argh, posted a comment and then Blogger ate it.

In That Hideous Strength, Jupiter / Thulcandra is king of the eldila under Maleldil. Similarly Aslan is the son of the Emperor over Sea.

I think the theme of kingship is more explored in Perelandra, when the planetary eldila give up their sovereignty to the new Adam and Eve; though this could be seen as sacrificial love.

Yewtree said...

Meanwhile, you might find this amusing.

Steve Hayes said...


Jupiter is Glund, I think.

Thulcandra is Earth, the silent planet, under the heel of Satan, the Dark Lord.


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