13 May 2007

May Synchroblog: Christianity and film

The topic for the May is Christianity and film.

A synchroblog is when a number of people write in their blogs on the same broad topic on the same day, and each provides a link to the posts of the others in theirs, making it easy for people to see the topic from various points of view.

A couple of synchrobloggers have blogs that deal with the horror film genre, such as Theofantastique and Gospel of the living dead, but that's not everyone's cup of tea, so the topic has been broadened to Christianty and the movies generally, and perhaps TV series as well.

We rarely go out to the scopes any more, maybe once a year to see the next Harry Potter film (is anyone planning to do their synchroblog on those?), and usually watch them at home on the small screen. One that I might have gone to see, if it had been shown here in Tshwane, is Pan's Labyrinth, which several people have blogged about. But it has not been shown at all, so we'll have to wait until it's available on DVD or something.

If you're planning to join the May synchroblog, it will be on Wednesday 16th May. Please e-mail your topic and the name and URL of your blog to Phil Wyman at pastorphil@salemgathering.com by Monday 14th May.

There is also a mailing list for regular synchrobloggers, which you can join here, or send e-mail to: synchroblog-request@p2ptrust.org or to synchroblog-owner@p2ptrust.org.

If you'd like to know where the idea of synchroblogging started, see Square No More: Synchronizing a Blog on Syncretism


Pastor Phil said...

Thanks Steve,

God job here! I will be blogging about an atypical Christian film which has really made people think who were at our conference.

Steve Hayes said...


I think our horror film experts will have something interesting to say, even if the rest of us don't.

Jenelle said...

Hey Steve,
Nice to give a little blurb about the Synchro's!

I'm going to write about a lesser-known flick that Bjork starred in and composed/performed the soundtrack for called, "Dancer in the Dark." Unfortunately it sounds like a lap-dancing movie. But the film was one of the most difficult stories of sacrifice I've ever seen.

Sally said...

We had to watch the Mission at Summer School last year, there were not a few tears in the place...
Good post :-)


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