10 May 2007

Waiting for Blogot

How much longer do we have to wait for the bugs in Blogger Beta to be fixed, and for all the features of this "fully-featured" version to work?

Are they hoping the exodus to WordPress will speed up? About one in three of the Blogger blogs I read have announced that they have moved to WordPress, and the exodus continues.

It was months ago that they announced that the feature where you could click on people's interests or favourite books and moves in their profile and find others with similar interest was broken but would be fixed. It still is not working.

"Blog this" still does not work.

The "Search all blogs" feature still is not working.

When you type all those letters in a comment, they tell you when your post has been saved, but they don't tell you when your post hasn't been saved, and you have to type yet another set of letters. And that often happens, whether you type the letters correctly or not.

If you aren't going to fix the new Blogger, please can we have the old one back, at least until you get the new one right?


tuberider said...

Hi Steve,

I've just finished Jack Kerouac's novel "The Town & the City". I've also read "On the road". Great books.

I've been looking into some of the Beat Generation writers. What a chaotic bunch. Jack Kerouac really was a troubled genius. Died at 47 an alcoholic, 3 marriages, 2nd wife left him after he wanted her to have an abortion, disowned his daughter & there is a legal battle over his estate.

And if you read the foreward to the Town & the City it seems he was quite religious. He must have been a pretty complex individual.

I'm running a short story blog on The Town & the City over on my main blog at:


of course it's with smurfs so after the intro it's going to be low-brow literature :)

Kay said...

Warning - cheesy StarWars imitation to follow:

"Come over to the light side. Give up DarkBlogger. Import your posts into LightWordpress and feel the force."

Nice blog. I'm looking forward to visiting often. I found you via Subversive Christianity.

Steve Hayes said...

I'm already trying out WordPress at Khanya, but I'm still not 100% convinced. Blogger, when it worked, had more features than WordPress, but now the features that gave it the advantage don't work, so they're about equal.


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