25 May 2007

Score two for the peacemakers -- blessed are they

A very interesting verdict in a court case in Britain:
Toby Olditch and Philip Pritchard, who broke into the US Airbase at RAF Fairford on the eve of the Iraq war, intending to sabotage B52 bombers bound for the war, were acquitted of all charges on Tuesday. The judge evidently allowed them to present the defence of "lawful excuse" to the jury, that they were acting to prevent a greater crime. The prosecution accepted that even delaying the bombers could potentially save civilian lives, as they would have more time to flee.
But I wonder if Americans will get into a tizz about it, because it might perhaps also be seen as a precedent to justify the bombing of abortion clinics.

But read the whole thing - it gets better.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Incredible!--and thank God! Plowshare activists and other practitioners of Holy Obedience/Civil Disobedience in the States have been using this defense for years--at least since the Vietnam era--and it's NEVER floated. Alleluhia!


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