23 May 2007

Left behind

When Patricia de Lille broke from the old fuddy-duddies in the PAC I admired her. I even voted for her party in the last election. The PAC seemed to be stuck in a time warp, doomed to relive the politics of 1959-1961 in an endless loop.

So when Patricia de Lille broke from the PAC and founded the Independent Democrats, it seemed like a Great Leap Forward.

It now transpires, however, that the great leap forward fell short of the 21st century. It was a leap from 1960 to 1980. Patricia de Lille does not know much about the blogosphere, and has been complaining about some anonymous blogger saying nasty things about one of her colleagues, and is demanding that blogs be censored.

Americans might say to Patricia, "Get a life".

I say to Patricia: get a blog
She will need to do that if she wants to communicate with voters, since her greatest political asset, Tony Leon, has ridden off into the sunset.


Magotty Man said...

Blogging censorship? As Andrew Sandlin recently said, maybe we should get rid of this notion of the "right not to be offended". Of course, I'm speaking with regards to words, and on a personal level. If someone offends me - why, I can respond. And as a Christian, it ought to be gracious, but the idea of downplaying differences of opinion etc is actually stupid - in such a world, everything means anything, which is another way of saying everything means nothing.

Its like saying everybody is special - which of course has the necessary corollary that nobody is special.

Cori said...

I'm also a Patricia de Lille fan ... I find this a little ironic as wasn't she recently in the media for being accused of defaming people in her biography by having their HIV status revealed against their consent? The pot calling the kettle black??

Steve Hayes said...


I suppose it depends partly on the relative stigma attached to being HIV positice and being a client (or alleged client) of a prostitute.

Of course the second could have an influence on the first as well.


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