07 May 2007

Orthodox Christian blogs

Matt Stone in Australia asked about Orthodox Christian blogs, and asked for people to compile a list. Sally Coleman in England took it up (I was going to say "The UK", but after the Scottish elections I'm not sure how much longer it will last).

Here's the meme:
Can anyone recommend some good Orthodox Christian blogs? I have been searching around and come up with a couple, but I'm looking for more to broaden my horizons.

What I thought might be a cool idea, in the interests of ecumenism, is to create a meme to help aggregate some of the best Orthodox blogs together.

To participate, simply copy the list you'll find below into a post on your own blog, add 3-5 blogs to the bottom of the list and note the country of origin. Preference should be given to Orthodox bloggers that demonstrate an ecumenical spirit, that is, who engage with folk beyond their own immediate tradition. Encourage others to do the same. Oh, and the aim is get as a wide cross section as possible, so I am looking for a variety of traditions - Coptic, Greek, Russian - from a variety of countries and not just your own.

The list could get long but that's basically the point of the exercise. When you’ve done all the above, leave a trackback or comment below, or link to this post, so I can keep track of who ends up being recommended.
Matt & Sally's list is:
Notes from Underground
Orthodox Monk
Ancient Faith Radio
Glory to God for All Things

Though two of them don't really seem to be blogs.

I'll repeat my comment to Matt: My nominations would the the same as 4 out of 5 of my nominations for the "Thinking Blogger Award" at Notes from underground: Thinking blogger award, and I see you already have one of them.

But here they are again:
  • The Scrivener - Sympathy for the befuddled, the bookish & the believing
  • Glory to God for all things - Life, journey of faith, Orthodox Christianity and religion in culture.
  • Notes from a commonplace book - Common-place Book: n. a book in which common-places, or notable or striking passages are noted; a book in which things especially to be remembered or referred to are recorded.
  • +Seraphim's Journal - an amazing collections of thoughts and jottings inspired by literature, art, places and friends, by an Orthodox bishop
Matt asks for a trackback, but I've found it difficult to get trackbacks to Typepad blogs to work, but I'll try to link to it here and here. But if those don't work, this should.

Anyway, if you know of any good Orthodox Christian blogs not listed above, please let Matt know.


Anonymous said...

Off topic but I see you're reading Quest For The Holy Grail. I've been working my way through that one and off this year as well. Great minds think alike?


Les said...

I'll check these out but I do know that "Glory to God for all things" is an excellent and very informative blog.

Steve Hayes said...


Yess, it's been taking me a while to get through it thougjh. I find all the allegory rather heavy going.

bigbluemeanie said...

It's sort of off-topic but something just struck me: The orthodox church discriminates against women (as priests, etc)??

Steve Hayes said...


The Orthodox Church doesn't have women as priests. See here: women's ordination

Magotty Man said...

i was first introduced to the world of Orthodox blogging through St Stephen's musings http://karlthienes.blogspot.com/ , the now dormant (but available)blog of Karl Thiennes.

A very high-powered theological blog is that of Perry Robinson & Photius Jones, enegetic Processions http://energeticprocession.wordpress.com/ .

Anonymous said...


I would add two more to the list.

Orthodox Biz
This blog is by Orthodox and for Orthodox, but is not strictly Orthodoxy. There are Orthodox topics addressed, but also technology and business topics.

www.myocn.net - The Orthodox Christian Network.

Same thing here. Lots of Orthodox Theology, as you would expect from a SCOBA agency, but also non-Orthodox, general topics geared towards helping those who run ministries.

Anonymous said...

May I be so bold as to suggest a blog of mine? I am a Canadian (OCA) priest's wife and artist/calligrapher/iconographer
and my blog, owllightstudio.blogspot.com/ is an off the beaten path sort of thing, with original art, funny stories, icons in progress, excerpts from stuff I read. It's not a fount of information about Orthodoxy; more of a window into an Orthodox artist's life. I would also love to recommend Ancient Faith Radio, an incredible resource on the net for those inquiring about Orthodoxy. It has a 24 hour talk channel and another one for music. Amazing. My favourite show is Our Life in Christ. Nice to stumble on your blog here, Deacon -- I will come back and visit more when I have more time!


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