29 July 2008

Amatomu speaking in tongues?

Amatomu proclaims itself to be the "South African blogosphere" sorted, but if you look at the Zeitgeist in the religion section today, about half the key words are not in any of the official languages of South Africa:

tidur sabar udah sunat hati akhirat sydney hat tip storybook time magazine article lambeth muslim tirmizi republic of indonesia embezzlement yg pasti nabi missions saat abu hurairah senang truth allah bishop david lelaki rasulullah pertinent questions hutang abdulla tenang akan anglicans

Yes, I know that some words in Afrikaans, like "baie" and "blatjang" are of South East Asian origin, but surely if one is sorting the South African blogosphere at least the majority of the posts should be in one or other of the 11 official languages of South Africa.

What makes a blog South African?

I would think that it should mean that those who write it should either be resident in South Africa or have South Africa as their domicile -- that is, regard it as their permanent home, even though living abroad. And preferably it should be written in one of the 11 official languages of the country.

Do we have illegal aliens in Amatomu?

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