01 July 2008

Technorati tags and the penal substitution atonement

There seems to have been a lot of discussion in the blogosphere about the theory of the atonement recently, so I thought I would throw in my 2c worth, when discussion on other topics seemed to turn to that.

The trouble was that for more than a week I couldn't remember the "p" word -- my memory was turning into a forgettory, and I thought of "praeterist atonement" "praeternatural atonement", and "preeminent atonement" but the phrase seemed to have slipped my mind entirely.

Then someone made a comment that triggered my rusty synapses, and I posted it on my Khanya blog here. It's an Orthodox theological response to the theory of the .

Then I thought I'd look on to see what others had been saying about it, and responded:

There are no posts in English tagged penal substitution”

So it seems that didn't only slip out of my memory for a week or two, it slipped out of Technorati, and maybe out of the blogosphere generally, and maybe out of the universe!

Now there's a thought!


Yewtree said...

My thoughts about penal substitution (nasty, nasty doctrine) are here: One more reason why I'm a Pagan.

I am so glad that Orthodoxy does not embrace this doctrine - but there are other aspects of Orthodoxy that I could not deal with, such as renouncing heresy (which to me sounds like renouncing the right to think freely), the perpetual virginity of Mary, and the male-only priesthood.

Adam Gonnerman said...

I suspect that I'm more in line with the Orthodox view on this and a number of matters than I would be with the Protestant perspective. I'm going to try to read and comment on your post on the other blog soon.


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