01 July 2008

I Just Love Irony

Notes from a Common-place Book: I Just Love Irony:

Today I read where Dr. James Dobson took issue with Barack Obama, here. I particularly noted one quote:

'I think he's deliberately distorting the traditional understanding of the Bible to fit his own world view, his own confused theology,' Dobson said, adding that Obama is 'dragging biblical understanding through the gutter.'

Maybe the word 'traditional' has a different meaning to Dr. Dobson. But of course, he should be an expert when it comes to 'confused theology.'

Like I say, I just love irony.

What more can one say?


Yewtree said...

Some of these right-wing nutters will do anything to smear Obama. Like last week he was seen associating with a widely-respected elder of the Pagan community, Don Frew, who is (gasp) a Wiccan. The right-wing press were trying to make out that this was bad - but Don Frew is so respectable they'll just make themselves look even more like idiots.

Anonymous said...

This side of heaven we will never get unity right. Dobson and Obama will fight I think for the next six months. I just found your blog, glad I have!

Steve Hayes said...

I said "What more can I say?" but it seems I should have said more.

The point has nothing to do with Barack Obama.

The irony is in James Dobson's use of the word "tradition" to mean his own idiosyncratic interpretation of the Bible. He's got "traditions" that nobody's ever heard of before.


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