06 July 2008

WordPress versus Blogger

I have three general blogs on three different blogging platforms, and occasionally I compare them to see which is most popular.

The blogs are Notes from Underground on Blogger (this one), Khanya on WordPress, and my LiveJournal. The graph from Amatomu below shows that the oldest, the LiveJournal one, has the fewest readers, while the newest one, the WordPress one, seems to have the most readers. Is this because readers prefer WordPress to blogger?

Actually the comparison is not quite fair to LiveJournal. Most liveJournal posts are read by friends on feeds, and very few people read the actual blogs themselves. Nevertheless, it does seem to indicate a preference for WordPress on the part of blog readers, though as a blog writer I find it has several limitations, notably that it does not support Javascript, so all sorts of widgets and things just don't work.

But knowing which one readers prefer also affects the way I write. I now tend to be more careful about what I wrote on the Khanya blog, knowing that more people will probably read it. Notes from underground tends to get used for quick 'n dirty posts, and the LiveJournal even more so, or even just for pointers to posts on one of the others, if I think some of my LiveJournal friends might be interested, and I hope that some of them may comment.

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Elie Smith said...


I read with interest the comparisons you made on people's tendency to to read one of your three blogs, than the others. My guess is that, people go to Khanya because you have a unique way of handling topics therein. But sometimes, people react or comment, simply because they saw comments of others. On the other blog, like: Notes from down under, my feeling is that, there are many people who read it, but are afraid to be the first to react or comment. I have read Notes from down under a couple of times, but never commented and I think there are thousands like me. But if you were to ask which blog, I prefered amongst the three that you run, I will tell you, I am rooting for down under and I love it. Have a good Sunday.


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