07 February 2008

Now that Muti has been hijacked by the illiterati...

Now that Muti has been hijacked by the illiterati, is there any hope for SA blogging?

This is what I saw in the Muti widget in the sidebar of my blog this morning
Has anyone else just HAD ENOUGH of all this self-promoting, brown-nosing, arrogant and misleading HOGWASH? It's like an ego war on Muti these days, about which so-called 'social media expert' can write a bigger/better/fancier blog than the next. ENOUGH. G

What is that idiot ranting about?

Not sure, because there is no link, no URL. Muti has been hijacked by people like that who appear to be using it as a corporate Twitter. Oh well, bye bye Muti, it was nice while it lasted.

It is clearly not an auspicious time for Dave Duarte to ask if it's time for South African bloggers to be paid.

It's time for South African bloggers to grow up, and stop posting such a high proportion of illiterate, racist and childish rubbish.

Get paid? By whom and for what?

I've read a few blogs of people who blog for money.

They are boring. There was one who wrote about the beauties of Bulgaria. But don't bother to comment, because the person who wrote that has never been to Bulgaria and knows nothing about it. They were being paid by some travel agency.

The surest way to kill the blogosphere is to fill it up with junk mail and leaflets like the snail mail box. And soon it will not be worth reading new blogs to find fresh opinions because there won't be any -- there will just be press releases, most of them written by people who would never, ever be hired to write a paper press release.

Looks like Muti's gone. What's next?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to me Steve:)

I must admit that the timing couldn't have been worse for me: there my post was right at the top of Muti (first time in aaages), and next to it was that abusive comment (which I thought at first was directed at what I'd written!).

I sincerely hope, as one of the partners in Muti and as a user, that Muti isn't going to be degraded. Although I guess that's often the tragedy of the commons.

Even if that does happen, as it did with Digg, then eventually (hopefully) the scale would introduce just as many informed and sincere contributors.

If not, we have a new evolution of Muti which we'll be launching next month, which will certainly address that issue!

Steve Hayes said...


Yes indeed, the timing couldn't have been worse!

I really hope that Muti can clean up and purge the junk. But at the moment it is not a good advert for the maturity of the South African blogosphere.


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