12 February 2008

Journeys In Between: Archbishop Jensen on Sharia Law

According to an Australian blogger, the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney finds the arguments of Archbishop Rowan Williams about Sharia law "compelling": Journeys In Between: Archbishop Jensen on Sharia Law:
Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, Peter Jensen, said yesterday that he found Rowan William's argument for introducing Sharia Law in the UK 'quite compelling' and will be seeking the same for Australia.

Dr Peter Jensen confirmed the move after the flurry of negative press Rowan William's comments attracted earlier this week. When questioned whether capital punnishment for homosexuals, as mandated by Sharia Law, was a motivating factor in any way, Jensen replied, 'What's good for Rowan is good for me.'

This report has not been confirmed from other sources, however.

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Yewtree said...

Scary. I wonder if he read the actual speech, or just the soundbite version?

The law isn't perfect, but it should be unified. Otherwise 18th century slave-owners, or 20th century practitioners of apartheid, could have argued that it was against their religion to stop owning slaves, or maintaining separateness and inequality. It would also allow Christians to deny goods and services to LGBT people on grounds of "conscience".

Archbishop Desmond Tutu says that the treatment of LGBT people by the churches is the modern equivalent of apartheid and slavery, and I think he's right - it's certainly the last bastion of homophobia, and could even be fuelling the violent forms of homophobia.


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