18 February 2008

Kosovo UDI: the Clinton legacy

Notes from a Common-place Book: Kosovo: The Real Clinton Legacy just about says it all.

According to Kosovo Travelogue this is certainly not one of the things that Hillary Clinton is hoping to reverse. Under Bill Clinton the US bombed Belgrade and under Bush the US bombed Baghdad, and there is really little difference. Is that one of the things Barack Obama wants to change? I hope so.

Links to a news report with my own comments on the Kosovo UDI are in my Khanya blog.

Other comments:

  • The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle compares the Kosovo UDI to Sudetenland.
  • Jams O Donnell in The Poor Mouth: UDI says "I hope to God it's peaceful"
  • A Lanson Boy worries that it might be an unviable state and a drain on Western taxpayers
  • David Lindsay criticises the BBC for giving a wholly-false version of the history of Yugoslavia
  • Chekov writes of the hypocrisy of the Western cheerleaders for Kosovo's independence
  • The Western Confucian is sickened by the USA's siding with terrorism and pravoslavophobia.

One thing that needs to be borne in mind is that though the majority of the population of Kosovo speak Albanian, they lack the religious tolerance of Albania.

The Albanian government deported Iranian Islamist teachers who incited young people attending a Muslim youth camp at Voskopoje to destroy Christian ikons that had survived the Turks and the Communists. In Kosovo dozens of Christian churches have been destroyed under the noses of Nato troops.


Anonymous said...

I think Slavophobia and Russophobia is the new racism in the West .

Those big,bad Russians . We are back to 1856 and the Crimean War it
seems if you read some of the comments .

Prejudices are hard to overcome when they are reinforced continuously
by the media and the political elite.

Us Orthodox have more to thank Russia for than the Americans who are
at best indifferent and at worse aid our enemies.


Wonderworking Words said...

Unfortunately, this is NOT one of the things Obama wants to change. He's been critical of the handling of the Iraq War, true. But, earlier this year when Pakistan was experiencing such upheaval, he was one of the ones expressing a desire to bomb Pakistan into submission. Quite frankly, the only U.S. Presidential hopeful I'd trust with foreign policy is Ron Paul.


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