30 January 2008

Neopagan discussions of Christianity

A few months ago a group of Christian bloggers had a synchroblog on Christian-Neopagan relations, and now a similar thing seems to be happening spontaneously among Neopagans. MetaPagan:
It must be something in the aether...Discussions of Christianity are breaking out on Pagan blogs everywhere.

It's odd, but whenever I post anything related to the subject of Christianity at my own blog, the number of hits and comments--from Pagans--goes way up. Maybe I'm not the only person to have noticed this, because over the last few days, numerous members of the Pagan/Heathen blogosphere have posted entries on the topic of Christo-Paganism and related topics. Some bloggers are concerned, some are puzzled, and some are embracing at least some Christian concepts, if not Christianity, per se.

Generally speaking, a Blog Carnival or a Synchro-blog event, like the Brighid in Cyberspace Poetry Reading described below, is planned in advance. This one, however, seems to be just happening.

Visit Metapagan to see the links to some of the posts.


Yewtree said...

Yes, it's funny how that happened. I plan to write my own post on this at some point, but it will be looooong...

Small grumble... why do Christians (even lovely ones such as your good self) always insist on the "Neo-" prefix? Is it to emphasise that you don't believe we have continuity with pagans of the past? Sure, we don't have the equivalent of apostolic succession (we call it initiatory lineage), but there is a continuity of ideas via the Western Mystery Tradition, and many another strand of thought and feeling. Also, the pagans of the classical world didn't call themselves Pagans, so I don't give them a capital P - but I do give it to modern Pagans because they identify as such.

Of course, given that you belong to a tradition with unbroken apostolic succession, maybe you should call all other forms of Christianity Neo-Christian...

Steve Hayes said...


Pagans and Neopagans -- perhaps that deserves a post on its own. Perhaps the big and small P pagans might be enough of a distinction. For the first two thirds of the 20th century many non-religious people in the Western world identified themselves as pagans or heathens, and perhaps they still do. But I think I'll elaborate in another post.

Yewtree said...

Here's my contribution to the Pagan blogfest about Christianity.

Isaac Bonewitz (famous druid) suggested three categories of prefix:

PalaeoPagans (Pagans of the classical world and anyone with a continuous tradition like Hinduism).

MesoPagans (those whose practice has evolved significantly after being transported from its homeland, such as Voudun or Santeria).

NeoPagans (the Western revival of Paganism, e.g. Wicca, Druidry)

Another category that has been suggested is Crypto-Pagans (those who have had to go underground to survive persecution, like the Yezidis).

Also, some reconstructionists use NeoPagan as an insult for Wicca and Druidry, because we're syncretists.


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