31 January 2008

US Primaries 2008 -- a Republicrat will be elected

Here's a clear illustration of what many of us have long suspected. Nearly all the US presidential hopefuls in either of the two main parties are right-wing authoritarians. The only ones who aren't -- Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel -- don't stand a chance of being elected.

US Primaries 2008:
When examining the chart it is important to note that although most of the candidates seem quite different, in substance they occupy a relatively restricted area within the universal political spectrum. Democracies with a system of proportional representation give expression to a wider range of political views. While Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel are depicted on the extreme left in an American context, they would simply be mainstream social democrats within the wider political landscape of Europe. Similarly, Hillary Clinton is popularly perceived as a leftist in the United States while in any other western democracy her record is that of a moderate conservative.

US Primaries Chart 2008

As Jonty Driver, erstwhile president of the National Union of South African Students, said when B.J. Vorster, then Minister of Justice in South Africa, called him a "leftist", "There is no shame in being called a leftist by such a prominent rightist."


Nathan said...

Certainly the political center is positioned differently in America than it is elsewhere, but I'm curious what the basis for these positions is, because it shows Obama is further right than Clinton, while the general feeling among the more informed electorate is than, at least on the basis of voting records, Obama is further left even than Edwards. Interesting chart though.

Anonymous said...

tis a shame


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