30 January 2008

The typewriter is dead: long live the typewriter

Somewhere at the back of a cupboard is an Olympia typewriter I bought more than 30 years ago. With the electricity supply being as erratic as it is, perhaps I'd better get it out and dust it off.

Maybe others will be doing the same in offices around the country.
However, it was always predicted that the mechanical typewriters would outlive electric and electronic typewriters (both of which went out of circulation with the advent of printers).
Even in this age of supercomputers, 12,000 typewriters are being manufactured and sold annually.

Its obituary was written a couple of years ago, and you will generally find the old ones being used in police stations, courts, government offices, or being put up for sale on eBay.

Yet, in this age of computers and supercomputers, 12,000 typewriters are still being manufactured and sold annually in India.

Godrej — one of the only two manufacturers left in the world (the other being Olympia), and the sole manufacturer of typewriters in India — expects manual typewriters to live for another 3-5 years before they fade into history.

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