14 February 2007

Trying out WordPress

It seems like ages since I switched to the "fully-featured" new Blogger, only to discover that half the features don't work, including a lot that worked quite well in the old Blogger, like "Blog this", which was one of the things that persuaded me to start this blog on blogger in the first place.

So like a lot of other people, I've got tired of waiting for the bugs to be fixed, and have been toying with WordPress, and have started a new experimental blog over there. Of course nothing's perfect, and WordPress doesn't have, and never had a "Blog this" feature. And the "text widgets" for the sidebar are a bit of a pain, and it seems much harder to get them right than putting stuff in the sidebar in Blogger (though I haven't switched to the new templates yet, and I'm dead scared to do that).

But I think leaving comments is easier in WordPress. I suspect that Blogger loses half the comments that people enter, because they enter the comments, enter the funny letters, and then close the comment window thinking their comment has been saved, when all the time Blogger is asking for another set of letters to be typed, even if the first lot were typed correctly. But Blogger doesn't tell you that it's waiting for this, so I think many would-be commenters are not aware of it.

But in that respect even Blogger is better than Typepad, which swills the comments round in its mouth for 10 minutes like a wine taster, and then spits them out as says "Server error".


Adam Gonnerman said...

I keep a mission blog on wordpress. I REALLY DON'T like wordpress, and am glad I keep most of my blogs on blogger. The only thing about blogger that worries me is the ill-defined situation with uploaded photos. I recently read that there is a 300MB limit, and this will be a problem for me in the future, I'm sure. I have no way to check how much I've used (that I know of) and can't find options for buying more storage. I post at least once a day, and have used a lot of images. Also, it would be nice to be able to change the blogger template more (customize) without knowing html code. For all that, I feel like I can do more with blogger than wordpress, and wordpress is SO SLOW!

Steve Hayes said...

Yes, I don't think I'm ready to move to WordPress yet, even though Blogger seems to have lost most of the features that made it better than WordPress. WordPress still doesn't have those features yet either.

I like the idea in WordPress that oen can save (and thus make backups) of the material in ones blog in XML, but that seems to be its only advantage.


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