15 February 2007

The rumours are coming!

Is there no limit to the nonsense that loony American kooks can cook up?

Cyberspace is rife with rumours about an imminent US attack on Iran. I can't believe the US govt would be THAT stupid, though I admit that previous behaviour is not very reassuring.

But now there is this article on an American web site called WorldNetDaily, emanating from some nutter called Joseph Farah.
While former South African President Nelson Mandela, 85, scoffs at rumors of ill health, plans are being made by the nation's Communist Party to slaughter all whites in the country upon his death, G2B sources say.

Has anyone heard of this Joseph Farah and these "G2B sources" who concocted this nonsense?

Which lunatic asylum is Farah writing from?

PLEASE tell me that no one takes him seriously!

I am reminded of similar urban legends floated around in the 1980s. My wife was working at a church school in Pretoria, and there were stories like that going around at the time of the Primrose by-election, when the Conservative Party (remember them?) hoped to make a killing, and some of the crazy white parents demanded that the school hire security guards because all blacks were going to attack white schools and kill a white child on that day.

One of the Grade 1s saw a couple of the (black) security guards and ran excitedly into the office shouting "The rumours are coming! The rumours are coming! I've seen one in the school grounds."

Of course that particular rumour was probably started by the Conservative Party in order to improve their chances in the by-election, but for sheer raving looniness, this new American offering takes the cake.


Anonymous said...

The way Bush is talking about Iran possibly supplying Iraq with weapons it would not surprise me one bit if he also ordered an attack on Iran. He is a war-hungry beast.

Steve Hayes said...

As I commented in my other blog, Joseph Farah's scenario is far less credible than an invasion of Iran. It reads more like something that could have been published in The Onion.

To translate it into American terms, it is about as credible as the following would be in America:

If a Republican Party presidential candidate is not elected in the US Presidential election in 2008, plans are afoot to stage a coup, which which the present incumbent, George W. Bush, will be appointed President for life.

US forces are poised to invade Iceland, from which the present population will be deported to Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Iceland will then become a reeducation camp for all persons of Arab or other Middle Eastern (such as Iranian) descent then living in the USA, who will be removed to Iceland by 2010.

Sound far-fetched?

No more so than the reports from this Joseph Farah, I assure you!

Anonymous said...

Stevem I have to admit, I am addicted to The Onion, but I do take it with a grain of salt. I don't believe I have yet come across your other blog but I do want to tell you this, I find this blog here fascinating and I love your posts. Consider me a new fan!

Is there a link to your other blog here? I'll look around, I'd love to view it. Thanks for stopping by Charmed & Dangerous.

Jay said...

I suppose it depends on your definition of 'invasion.' There is presently enough air power in the region, (and more on the way) to cripple Iran's conventional military.

Iran's threats of anti-ship missiles hardly frighten American naval planners. Recall that USS Stark a tiny (by American standards) warship survived a direct hit by an anti-ship missile (possibly two) and went home under its own power.

The forces are massing, the rhetoric is intensifying. I will be surprised if there is not an attack between St. Valentine's and St. Pat's. It will be by air, and not on the ground.

Due to political constraints, President Bush will be unable to act at all if he does not act soon.

Also, regarding a coup, people in the rest of the world forget the constitutional provision we have which makes a coup unlikely to succeed: the Second Amendment provides for an armed populace.

Americans will not stand for a dictatorship by any party. I should know, I'm an organizer in Bush's party, the GOP.

Steve Hayes said...


You can find my other blog in the sidebar, or just click on this link. It's on LiveJournal and a bit more personal than this one.


You said that Americans won't stand for dictatorship, but it seems that they don't do irony.

Hang on... you're not really planning to bomb Reykjavik, are you?


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