26 February 2007

No end to war?

I recently joined the Christian Peace Bloggers web ring (see links at bottom of page), which involves promising to blog about peace once a week, but I have to confess that I rarely blog about peace, at best my posts are anti-war.

Over the last few months there have been predictions of war between the US and Iran. At first I thought they were conspiracy theories emanating from the left rather than the right (where such theories seem to be more prolific). I'm still in two minds about it. I mean, George Bush may be crazy, but he's not that crazy... surely not?

But the Orthodox Peace Fellowship took the war predictions seriously enough and published an appeal, Step back from the brink of war.

And yesterday there was a piece on the BBC from Abu Dhabi, a discussion of people in the Middle East talking quite seriously the possibility of such a war. They didn't look like raving conspiracy theorists.

And now Sam PF in Bristol reflects on a Stop the War demo in London remarking on the futility of it all, as if it is being done just for form's sake, with no real hope of preventing yet more war.

Sometimes wars happen, and people get drawn into wars reluctantly. But now we have elected politicians deliberately and even eagerly seeking to start new wars when they already know that their old ones have been disasters. Tony Blair has been involved in three -- in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq, and in none of the three have the wars solved the problems that they were ostensibly started to solve. They have simply exacerbated existing problems and created new ones. Can they really be wanting to start yet another war?

And this is not done by dictators, who are answerable to no one but God. It is done by the elected leaders of ostensibly democtratic countries. For God's sake, can't someone impeach George Bush? Can't the British Labour Party muster together the scraps of its tattered integrity and remove Tony Blair from the leadership before he does any more damage?

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Naj said...

Hi Steve,

I think I agree with you thet Bush is not THAT crazy. But, when the democrats, under pressure ffrom AIPAC, eliminate the resolution to have Bush obtain congressional approval before attacking Iran, you would think that someone else is running the show.

It is in the best geopolitical/economic interest of the US to make peace with Iran. Both Iranians and Americans know this. AIPAC and Israel, however are beating a different drum; and as long as the American representatives are on zionist payroll, we shall see littlel peace in th emiddle east.


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