24 February 2007

Blog software: still playing with Wordpress

Like a number of others who have got fed up with the "new" Blogger's lack of functionality, I've been trying Wordpress, and so far I don't see any advantage.

In fact the old Blogger seemed to be a lot better than Wordpress, and what has happened is that since Google took over Blogger, they have just removed all the features that used to make Blogger better than Wordpress, so that they are now much the same, though Blogger retains a bit of flexibility in being able to arrange stuff in the sidebar more easily.

Wordpress does seem to handle comments slightly better -- you don't have to type in a series of letters a bazillion times to get the comment to "take" -- and in Blogger, if it doesn't take, there's no warning. It tells you if your comment has been saved, but it doesn't tell you it hasn't, so I suspect a lot of comments are lost because people think the comment has been saved and close the comment window without scrolling down to check.

But both are way ahead of Typepad, which nine times out of ten responds to attempts to post a comment with a "Server error" message.

But the things that drew me to Blogger in the first place, that made me think "this is cool", are still gone:

  1. Blog this
  2. Being able to click on interests, or favourite books or music, and see who else has similar tastes
  3. The "Search all blogs" feature
  4. Being able to get back to the dashboard directly from the blog

There are problably other things, but those are the main ones. But in most of them, WordPress doesn't seem to have any significant advantages.

But my WordPress blog, Khanya, is still there, and I'll carry on playing with it and use it for blogging miscellaneous stuff that doesn't seem to fit in elsewhere.

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Celal Birader said...

But the things that drew me to Blogger in the first place, that made me think "this is cool", are still gone:

Hello Steve,

You can get most of that functionality back if you download the Google toolbar.

BTW can you recommend some white South African blogs ? I'd appreciate as many as you can give me. Thanks.


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