13 December 2006

Syncretism in Western Christianity

On 14 December 2006 a number of Christian bloggers have agreed to post something about syncretism and Western Christianity. Here are links to those who have agreed to do so.

My own contribution is based on an article I wrote a few years ago, Deconstructing Sundkler: Bethesda AICs and syncretism.

Bengt Sundkler, the Swedish missiologist, was an expert on African independent churches, but in the very act of accusing the Zionists of being unbiblical and syncretist, he betrayed his own syncretism. Instead of using the Bible to demonstrate his contention that the Zionists were unbiblical, Sundkler used Western Enlightenment rationalism and Freud.


Joey said...

Hi Steve, thanks for this post. I checked out one of them, it is insightful. I want to read your article but it seems that yahoo and geocities are having problem.

Pastor Phil said...


Love your paper. This turn-about of positions is something I find commonly. As we have been attempting to reach Neo-Pagans we have found that we are accused of syncretism by people whose adaptations to culture are so entrenched tat they can not realize that they have been syncretist theemselves. What you have identified is an age old problem. Do you think it goes back to Augustine vs. Pelagius? or Paul's struggles with the church at Jerusalem?

Steve Hayes said...

Joey and Phil,

Yahoo is sometimes a little erratic, but if you try again later it should come right.

Concerning neopagans, you might find another article I wrote quite interesting, Christian responses to witchcraft and sorcery. While it is not directly concerned with neopagans, it does mention them in passing.

Anonymous said...

pray for me


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