12 December 2006

What's happening to the Anglicans?

It seems as though racist imperialist Brit Anglicans and sexual-orientationist Tanzanian Anglicans are going at each other like Kilkenny cats.

Of course, I could be wrong...: Where is Tanzania?
Is it that island off the bottom of Australia?

It's really rather sad.


Anonymous said...

Good thing it's not a sin to be a pompous old bore!

Anonymous said...

Amen to Anonymous. But...

MadPriest is *funny, and steeped in the proper use of irony.

And, Per your note there, yes, Post-Enlightenment Liberal Europeans are racist. Before the Enlightenment, we were merely tribal, and not responsible for the slaugher we inflicted upon one another.

Or were we?

Austin, TX

Steve Hayes said...


So MadPriest was only pretending to be a pompous, ethnocentric, chauvinist Jingo sneering at the wogs and other lesser breeds without the law?

Coulda fooled me.

It looked dead serious; sometimes irony doesn't work.

Anyway, from MadPriest's vantage point wogs probably begin south of the Trent, or even south of the Tyne.


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