13 December 2006

Hymn parodies

PamBG's Blog: Very Entertaining has links to some amusing hymn parodies, including this one:

Let us, with an open mind,
Put the formal Church behind:
Sea of Faith, O let us sing,
For we don't believe a thing!

Cupitt's books we try to read,
But our minds he doth exceed:
Sea of Faith, O let us sing,
For we don't believe a thing!

But my favourite dates back to the Cold War days, and came from a book called Quake, quake, quake; I can't remember the author.

The day God gave Thee, Man, is ending
the darkness falls at thy behest
who spent thy little life defending
from conquest by the East, the West.

The sun that bids us live is waking
behind the cloud that bids us die,
and in the murk fresh minds are making'
new plans to blow us all sky-high.


PamBG said...

Thanks very much for the link, Steve. Good to meet you and I like your paradoy lyrics as well (although they aren't quite "ha ha" funny!)

Steve Hayes said...

But not funny peculiar either -- more along the lines of Tom Lehrer's

Just sing out a Te Deum
When you see that ICBM
And the party will be "Come as you are."


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