23 March 2012

Introducing: The Classics Club

Here's an idea for people who love reading.

The Classics Club is for bloggers who blog about books they have read, to make a list of 50 classic works they plan to read over the next five years, and to blog about them as they read them.

I like to blog about books I have read, and usually do that by noting them here Goodreads | Stephen Hayes's bookshelf: currently-reading (showing 1-12 of 12) (sorted by: date added). Good Reads also makes provision for a list of books to read, and I suppose one could add the 50 classics one intends to read to that Goodreads | Stephen Hayes's bookshelf: to-read (showing 1-29 of 29) (sorted by: date added). Not all of those on the list at the moment are "classics", so I'd probably have to add a few more to the list to have it include 50 "classics".

But it seems like an interesting idea -- hat-tip to Classics Club | Clarissa's Blog.

If you're interested in taking part, you can find the info at Introducing: The Classics Club | A Room of One's Own:
At your own blog, list 50, 100, or 200 (or more, if you’re so inclined) classics that most interest/scare/excite you, alongside your goal date for finishing this list. You can either make a straight list of titles (what I’ll be doing), or explain next to each title why you’ve chosen it. You could also explain a few of your chosen titles, but leave the others explanation-free. It’s up to you.

The goal? To read every classic on your list at your blog, and write about each one at your blog. Each time you write about a classic from your list, hyperlink the discussion post at the main classics list on your blog (The one you will link here to join.)

1 comment:

James Higham said...

50 - 200 is way too much for me, as I write more than read but I'll try to do my top 20.


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