27 July 2011

Google bewitched?

A few weeks ago a book I contributed to was published. It is on African Initiatives in Healing Ministry, and it was published by Unisa Press.

The marketing department of the publishers are supposed to place a web page for the book on their site, to say what the book is about, explain how to order it and so on. I wanted to see if they had done so, so that I could refer to that page when I wrote to people who might be interested in buying it.

The quickest way to see if the page was up, I thought, was to Google for the title of the book. So I did that. And what did Google come up with?


Powerful witchcraft Spell
Extremely Powerful Spells, Love Money, Revenge, 082 257 2395

Extreme Spiritual Healing
+27 73 476 3119 Love, Good Luck spells and more
Voted #1 Spell Caster

Call the most powerful spell caster today ..Dr Kubo +2776 53 74611

I suspect that someone must have cast a very powerful spell on Google to get it to return that as the top three results on a search for "African initiatives in healing ministry".

People who are looking for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) need look no further. Don't call an "SEO consultant", call a witch.

1 comment:

Aquila ka Hecate said...

We support an SEO department at work. Buggered if I don't think they're a bunch of Witches. The IT department head calls it Black Magic.

Terri in Joburg


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