07 January 2011

Cider mystery

Today was our second Christmas. Yesterday I went to St Nicholas of Japan Church in Brixton for Theophany (Epiphany), and today we went to St Thomas's in Sunninghill, which is on the old calendar, for Christmas. So Christmas comes twice a year. Afterwards we went to do some shopping and went to the Queens Coffee Bar and restaurant at the shopping centre for brunch. Being thirsty after the service, we ordered some cider.

As we usually do, Val ordered Savannah Light and I ordered Hunters Gold. These are probably the two most popular brands of cider in South Africa.

And as usually happens, the glass they brought for Val with the Savannah Light had half a slice of memon in it.

The waiter asked if we wanted ice, and we said no. At least he asked. At some restaurants they don't ask, and bring you a glass full of ice cubes. I've sometimes wondered if they'd do that if I ordered beer.

But he didn't ask about the lemon.

They never do.

And almost invariably, in just about every restaurant we've ordered cider in, Savannah Light comes with a slice of lemon, and Hunter's Gold comes without.

Has anyone else noticed this custom, and does anyone know its origin?

Does it happen anywhere else in the world, or with other brands of cider?

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The Singular Observer said...

I don't understand the lemon either. I've been making my own cider, and I drink it slightly chilled, just like t is. I don't like overchilled cider or beer, as you loose aroma and therefore taste.


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