11 June 2010

More police on patrol during World Cup - in Hull!

The World Cup starts today, and the squawking of hadedas has been augmented by vuvuzelas as people get in the mood for the opening match this afternoon.

Some nervous souls have been concerned that with all the police being busy with crowd and traffic control there might not be enough to keep tabs on ordinary criminals far from the football grounds. But at least the good citizens of Hull need have no fears, 6000 miles away from the opening match.

BBC News - More police on patrol in Hull during World Cup:
Police are planning an increased presence in Hull during the World Cup as officers try to reduce crime and violence, the force has said.

Humberside Police said it wanted to provide 'a reassuring presence' during the tournament.

Extra officers will be on patrol around the city's pubs and bars during every England game.

A campaign for fans to alternate between alcoholic and soft drinks was also started by the force.

And remember that Hull is north of London, the venue for the 2012 Olympic Games. I hope the British "Daily Mail" is reminding its readers of that.


Aquila ka Hecate said...

That's great. My (South African born) son lives in Hull.
Perhaps they think his cabal will be terroristing.

Terri in Joburg

Unknown said...
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James Higham said...

Meanwhile, all eyes are on your home, Steve.


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