15 June 2010

Flemish separatists triumph in Belgian election - Europe- msnbc.com

Flemish separatists triumph in Belgian election:
The Flemish N-VA (New Flemish Alliance) was set to be the largest party in Dutch-speaking Flanders and in all Belgium, narrowly ahead of the French-speaking Socialists, results showed after 86 percent of the votes had been counted.

'The N-VA has won the election today,' N-VA leader Bart De Wever, 39, told cheering, flag-waving supporters who burst into a rendition of the Flemish national anthem.

The Interior Ministry projected the N-VA would win 28 of the 150 seats in the lower house of parliament, compared to just eight now. It forecast heavy losses for the Christian Democrats and the liberals, former partners in government.

Funny, isn't it, that 20 years ago the West wanted South Africa to drop apartheid, and almost immediately imposed it on Eastern Europe, most notably in Yugoslavia, where the West has consistently supported the independence of Kosovo, the Bapetikosweti of the Balkans. Hat-tip to A conservative blog for peace.

And now it's spreading West, with English nationalists increasingly demanding independence from the UK, and waving the flag of the patron saint of Palestine -- one hardly ever sees the Union Jack nowadays.

Perhaps if the Flemish section of Belgium gains independence our diehard apartheid holdouts could emigrate there, and have it as their Boerestan. There's just one problem -- the Flemish are Catholic, and "die Roomse gevaar" ranks pretty close to "die Rooi gevaar" and "die Swart gevaar" as things for which there must be zero tolerance.


Magotty Man said...

Roomse vs Rooi gevaar - funny one!

Although, the fact that Belgium has survived for so long is quite amazing - it is one of those cobbled together states by the act of foreign politicians, much like the old Yugoslavia, or Czechoslovakia. I doubt if seccession will actually happen though. Maybe just have a proper referendum, and accept the results... though one wonders if the King will go with Wallonia, or Flanders, should it split.

Anonymous said...

When I hear "enlightened" Europeans speaking arrogantly about African tribalism, I sometimes say that I have never heard Africans speaking about one another with quite the same hatred than I have heard from Flemish (especially) and Wallonians when they speak about each other.


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