29 June 2010

Blog Explosion

Ok, this is one of those shameless plug posts.

Blog Explosion is a site that lists a lot of blogs, and if you go and do blog surfing there, for every two blogs you visit, they show your blog to someone else who visits yours. It's a good way of finding blogs that you haven't seen before. And its a good way for people who've never seen your blog before to find it. So it's a way of getting new readers, and a way of finding new blogs.

Quality varies, of course.

Some of the blogs they show you are good, some are not so good. Some are bad.

But it's had a few problems recently, though those seem to be sorted now. But the number of people surfing has dropped, so that means the number of new blogs you see has dropped as well. Tonight I had a bit of time to spare so went to have a look, but only saw about 7 blogs, and then they said the number of blogs with enough credits to earn a display has run out.

So it needs a few more active members who will do a bit more blog surfing there, because the more you look at the more you see. So I'd like to encourage my blogging friends to join it, and list your blogs. That will mean there's more to see, and the more you see, the more you are seen.


James Higham said...

Are you there by any chance, Steve?

Steve Hayes said...

Of course I'm there - that's why I'd like to see a bit more activity there, so I can see some more and different blogs there.

Barry said...

Good find as Google Blog search seldom returns anything but newspaper and "top" blog results. I would like to find what the rest of the folks are saying.


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