27 December 2009

The weird world of Twitter followers

Today I got a message: Business World (Business_World1) is now following your tweets on Twitter. As if that were not enough I have been informed that Funglia Koeswanto (Love_mny) and entrepreneur (entrepreneur336) are now following my tweets on Twitter.

I wonder what interest such people can possibly have in what I am doing right now, since if I see keywords like "entrepreneurship", "marketing" or "business" associated with blogs or other on line stuff I avoid them if at all possible. Those words trigger great aversion in me, and I know that blogs etc described by such keywords are unlikely to be of interest to me. So why do people like this want to follow me on Twitter?

It's weird.


Justin Long said...

Probably you said something which they had an automatic search set up for--some business term. And then they automatically followed you in the hopes you would auto follow them. If you did, you would receive the posts they put out - which would likely be spammy business offers.

Ploni Almoni said...

regularly after a tweet I'll have several such "spam" followers, you can spot them by the spammy names, as you have, or the fact that they have hundreds or thousands of people following them but only a handful of tweets or a large number of regurgitated tweets. I was once fooled by one of them, until I noticed that it's timeline included two lines that I said that it was regurgitating.

Steve Hayes said...

That's why, when I tweeted about this post, I wrote "m*ney", "entr*preneurship" and "b*siness".


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