28 December 2009

Swiss minaret ban has consequences

Religious intolerance breeds more religious intolerance. Terry Cowan blogs about one of the consequences of the recent Swiss referendum where it weas decided to ban construction of new minarets. Notes from a Common-place Book:
It seems a group of Muslims confronted the priest at a Syriac Orthodox Church in Diyarbakir, in eastern Turkey. The three men threatened the priest with death unless the church's bell tower was demolished within the week, this in retaliation for the Swiss action. The priest, Fr. Yusuf, did notify the authorities, but added 'It is my job to protect the church, so I will stand here and leave it in God’s hands.”


jams o donnell said...

Ach, stupidity knows no borders

Chris Hall said...

The Swiss minaret ban is of miniscule importance but is simply an excuse used by those who would seek excuses anyway.

Pulling down a bell-tower is not quite the same as not allowing the construction of a minaret.

The Swiss haven't disallowed the building of religious complexes, just the minaret. It doesn't even merit a comparision with KSA where we would be overjoyed to learn that we couldn't build a bell-tower but could build a church.

The threats by those in Diyarbakir surely have more of a parallel in the destruction of the hundreds of churches in Kosovo.

Neither has any link with the Swiss actions.


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