14 October 2008

An integrated transport system for Gauteng

An integrated transport system for Gauteng came one step closer with the establishment of the Gauteng Transport Management Authority, and the announcement of a single ticketing system being developed for public transport in Gauteng.

city of johannesburg - One ticket system plan for Gauteng:
A SINGLE ticket system is being rolled out that will make using public transport across Gauteng a whole lot easier.

The system, similar to London's Oyster Card - a form of electronic ticketing used on public transport services within the Greater London area - is being rolled out by the Gauteng Transport Management Authority (GTMA), a new transport management body.

'The single ticketing system will see travellers being transported seamlessly and with much ease around the province,' said Eezi Raboroko, the chief director of transportation management in the province, at the GTMA launch, on Thursday, 9 October.

This is something that has been long overdue, and I wonder about the timing of the announcement -- just after the removal of Mbhazima Shilowa as Premier of Gauteng. It has been very much Shilowa's baby, and he is one of those who pushed hardest for it.

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Anonymous said...

This is good news as this will help those of us who run websites that are transport information services.

When we promote the public transport systems, we will be able to be proud ambassadors for a transport system that rivals the best in Europe.

So big up to government! :)

Thamsanqa Bengu


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