28 June 2008

The Christian Radical: Tell Congress: stop the violence in Zimbabwe

The Fellowship of Reconciliation is calling for the US Congress to stop the violence in Zimbabwe -- but how can they do that if they can't stop the violence in Iraq, Afghanistan and Israel/Palestine?

The Christian Radical: Tell Congress: stop the violence in Zimbabwe:
As Americans, we are compelled to use our position as a global power to call for an end the the violence and for a restoration of democratic rule in Zimbabwe. Please contact your U.S. Senators to support the world's call for justice.

Click here to send a message to your U.S. Senators.

Thank you for raising your voice with others to create a more peaceful world.

The Christian Radical: Tell Congress: stop the violence in Zimbabwe

One of Mad Bob Mugabe's excuses is that he is protecting Zimbabwe from American imperialists like George Bush -- and when American peace organisations make calls like this, who can gainsay him?


Jennifer said...

There is some truth to Mugabe's claim. The brokerbrokers of the West do tend to see things in a certain light -- namely capitalistic and with a mindset that could introduce neocolonialism through neoliberalism. I, for one, would hate to see Western education and the cruder aspects of the logic of Western identity politics (which, by the way, Mugabe has learned to use to his own advantage and with great effect) become part of the everyday culture of Zimbabwe. I hate that toxic waste.

Iosue Andreas Sartorius said...

That such a call for interventionism should come from a Catholic Worker outfit shows that it is notn only in matters of traditional piety that he movement has strayed from its wonderful foundress, Dorothy Day; it has strayed from her principles pacifism as well. Would a woman who opposed American entry into World War II call for intervention in Zimbabwe?

Steve Hayes said...


I think the difference between Bob and George is that Bob may be mad and bad, but he's not stupid. George may be stupid and bad, but he's not mad.

josue andreas,

It is not only the Catholic Worker that seems to have departed from its founding principles, but the Fellowship of Reconciliation, which used to be an explicitly pacifist organisation. Not that it actually calls for violence, but it is difficult to see what the US Congress could do to stop the violence in Zimbabwe when it can't stop the violence of its own administrative branch. They are birds of a feather -- it was Zimbabwe's intervention in the DRC that led directly to the present situation. Starting wars on credit usually backfires.


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