06 June 2008

Outage - Explosion at The Planet

One of the services I use on my blogs and some web pages is StatCounter. They recently reported a problem:
StatCounter Blog � Blog Archive � Outage - Explosion at The Planet:
On Saturday 31 May at approximately 11pm GMT there was an explosion in The Planet Data Center in Houston Texas. Electrical gear shorted, creating an explosion and fire that knocked down three walls. Thankfully there were no human casualties.

On the instructions of the Fire Department, The Planet then turned off all power to the Data Center resulting in 9,000 servers being knocked offline.


Anonymous said...

gostats is a great one to try - weathered the Planet outage too!

bigbluemeanie said...

I host my sites at The Planet. I can't say I noticed any outage whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,

I know that you have already seen our blog post in relation to the outage at The Planet, but I just wanted to apologise again for the inconvenince you experienced - we are dreadfully sorry that any of our members were affected.

Also, just to let you know bigblue - it was the The Planet H1 datacenter that suffered the electrical fault and explosion. If your sites are hosted in a different data center (which thankfully appears to have been the case) then you would have been unaffected.

All the best!


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