23 June 2008

Missional Synchroblog

Today there will be a Missional synchroblog, where 50 bloggers discuss the term "missional" and what it means to them.

In calling for a missional synchroblog Rick Meigs says:

I have a continuing concern that the term missional has become over used and wrongly used….I think it is time to make a bigger effort to reclaim the term, a term which describe what happens when you and I replace the “come to us” invitations with a “go to them” life. A life where “the way of Jesus” informs and radically transforms our existence to one wholly focused on sacrificially living for him and others and where we adopt a missionary stance in relation to our culture. It speaks of the very nature of the Jesus follower.

Rick also says quite a bit about the word “missional” on his Web page Friend of Missional.

My contribution is posted on my Khanya blog.

You may find the participating blogs at the links below:

Alan Hirsch
Alan Knox
Andrew Jones
Barb Peters
Bill Kinnon
Brad Brisco
Brad Grinnen
Brad Sargent
Brother Maynard
Bryan Riley
Chad Brooks
Chris Wignall
Cobus Van Wyngaard
Dave DeVries
David Best
David Fitch
David Wierzbicki
Doug Jones
Duncan McFadzean
Erika Haub
Jamie Arpin-Ricci
Jeff McQuilkin
John Smulo
Jonathan Brink
JR Rozko
Kathy Escobar
Len Hjalmarson
Makeesha Fisher
Malcolm Lanham
Mark Berry
Mark Petersen
Mark Priddy
Michael Crane
Michael Stewart
Nick Loyd
Patrick Oden
Peggy Brown
Phil Wyman
Richard Pool
Rick Meigs
Rob Robinson
Ron Cole
Scott Marshall
Sonja Andrews
Stephen Shields
Steve Hayes
Tim Thompson
Thom Turner


Unknown said...

Mmmm...only ten percent of those names seem to be female. (When God created humanity the genders were evenly divided if you remember!) As well, almost all the names seem to be of European origin. Could all this add up to white male dominance? Can't seem to see an even dispersal over six continents and two genders. Ah well, I guess the church was ever thus! Maybe one day there will be a mission to the church so it can understand the power and dominance of the few over the many!

Steve Hayes said...

Miss Eagle,

Yes that's probably what it does add up to -- seem my comments on that kind of thing here.

Steve Hayes said...

Miss Eagle,

I know Tall Skinny Kiwi is also a white male, but what he said on his post in the synchroblog makes much the same point that you do:

Tall Skinny Kiwi: "I love the word missional but it still has some problems:
1. It is often dumbed down by people who confuse it with 'evangelistic' or 'mission-minded'
2. It has often been purged by some evangelicals of its connections to the global mission movement (read 'Ecumenical') and given a newer and more acceptable face.
3. It has sometimes been co-opted by aggressive and competitive white males to drive resources to the programs that beef up their own churches.
4. It suffers from a compulsive activism, as if God was a workaholic who constantly drives on his team and never rests from his labours.
5. It lacks an immediate connection with worship which might be the flip side and a necessary balance."


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