05 September 2006

Wilful ignorance?

Adventus: "No one likes us/I don't know why...."
Funny, I've not heard anyone else put it this way:
Far from ending terrorism, George Bush's tactics of using overwhelming military might to fight extremism appear to have rebounded, spawning an epidemic of global terrorism that has claimed an estimated 72,265 lives since 2001, most of them Iraqi civilians.

Back during the Cold War, we used to think that people behind the Iron Curtain were brainwashed by propaganda, and deliberately kept in ignorance by their leaders.

Now, it seems, an iron curtain has descended over the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Rio Grande. Does anything filter through from Canada? Because we have heard it put this way again and again, before and since the US-led invasion of Iraq.

One is somewaht reluctant to say "We told you so..." But we did tell you so, we are telling you so, and we will go on telling you so. George Bush and his henchmen have made the world a much more dangerous place, and they are apparently determined to make it even more dangerous still. Is this the twilight of the gods?

The difference between now and the Cold War is that unlike the time of the old Iron Curtain, Americans have access to the internet. Yet many of them still say "No one likes us/I don't know why...."

Is it a matter of invincible ignorance, or wilful ignorance?

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