04 September 2006

What is a trackback?

I keep seeing this term "trackback" in blogs, yet I have no idea what it's supposed to do ot how it's supposed to work.

I found this article on it but I'm still no closer to understanding it.

But I put it here for reference so i can find it again when I need it.

But when I try to use these track back things this is what I get

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

Trackback pings must use HTTP POST

So HOW on earth does one use them? Where do you get this "style information", and how do you "associate it" with the XML file?


Anonymous said...

A trackback is a function performed by your blogging software (if it supports it). What happens is that you copy the URL for the trackback link of the post you are pinging (usually because you're talking about it in your own post - random trackbacks are considered spamming). You paste this URL into your own blogging software when you create or edit your own post. Your blog then sends a special message to the other blog saying, effectively, "This post XXX at URL YYY discusses your post ZZZ." The destination then automatically adds a little piece of your post to the post you're discussing (usually next to the normal comments) with a link back to you.

Whether you'd find this useful or not depends :-) Some people hate it, others love it, others use it sometimes. It can be easier than manually commenting on the post you discuss, so that people there know you're talking about it.

pax et bonum

Anonymous said...
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